EMF Harmoniser 100 Metre Coverage

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Buy the best emf protection today.

This Model is approx 30cm high and covers 100 Metres.



 EMF, 5G and dirty electricity?

It has been proven by scientific experiments that tuning into 7.83Hz, the Earths own magnetic frequency, people benefit by enhanced learning/memory, body rejuvenation, balance, improved stress tolerance, anti-jetlag, anti-mind control, and grounding.

On the other hand, experiments were done, where Schumann resonance, the exposure of 7.83 Hz frequency was removed from individuals environment. The subjects reported migraine headaches, emotional distress, and other health problems. This shows how important it is to be in tune with the Earth’s magnetic frequency.

These harmful electrical fields outside of the Schumann Resonance can impact all organic life forms, human animal and plant. The more out of sympathetic  resonance the frequency, the more threatening the frequency is to all lifeforms.

These un-sympathetic resonances effect us and our families every minute of every day.

The EMF Harmoniser is designed with your health and wellbeing at the top of the list. Each machine is hand built to a very high standard.

This Model is approx 30cm high and covers 100 Metres.

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